League of Legends – 2 Day Pass at NRG Stadium

League of Legends - 2 Day Pass Tickets

NRG Stadium | Houston, Texas

It's so simple to secure tickets to this exciting evening in April, of course by now you know we mean the breathtaking League of Legends – 2 Day Pass! Yes touring again for spring, 2022 and we have some much to say about it! This time it'll be held at the premier venue in the city, NRG Stadium, Houston, Texas! So if you want to get tickets to this wonderful evening on Saturday 23rd April 2022, you've come to the right place. There is a limited number of tickets available so just follow the 'get tickets' button above to grab yours now!

League of Legends - 2 Day Pass at NRG Stadium

It's so exciting to learn League of Legends – 2 Day Pass will be coming to town on the spring, 2022 US wide tour – is the best news ever, it's a brilliant event, that should not be missed by any fan! League of Legends – 2 Day Pass is a real breathtaking experience and fans are obsessed! There was a lot of talk about the venue for this exciting event in April and thankfully the word is out, it'll be hosted by the unbelievable NRG Stadium, Houston,Texas – often called the best and most wonderful music venue and absolutely for evenings like this! NRG Stadium boasts excellent staff, spacious parking and the most incredible food and drinks stands in town and did you know it is in the centre of the city it'll be easy peasy to get to! Saturday 23rd April 2022 will be a date to remember, tickets are known to be flying out so do not waste another second! Secure your entry to the evening this instant by simply clicking buy right away!

League of Legends - 2 Day Pass at NRG Stadium

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